7th grade Field Trip 3/04

Posted February 28, 2022

7th graders have the opportunity to participate in a field trip this Friday, March 4th, to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. During registration you did sign a blanket excursion release but we are asking you to please complete this quick google form that will act as a permission slip.


Scholars will have an opportunity to grab a free sack lunch from the Cafe before boarding the busses.  We will have bins to transport lunches if you would like to send them with a sack lunch from home instead.

If your child has been struggling with basic classroom behavior expectations you may receive a call this week requesting that you accompany the field trip to support your child.  If you are unable to attend then we suggest keeping them home.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Mr. Bono at andrew_bono@dpsk12.net