Cell Phone Policy

Our school staff has overwhelmingly agreed that a consistent school-wide policy to bar cell phone use during the school day will help students stay more present and engage in their learning.  The intent is to support them in their social/emotional, and academic success, removing a major temptation and distraction, and promoting face to face social interaction and connection.  Phones are not merely distractions for students, but it also has shown to be a safety issue as it increases cyberbullying and Cell phones can very easily lead to peer pressure. 

If you plan on having your child bring a cell phone (or any other personal electronic devises like AirPods, headphones or Apple watches) to school they will need to have it in their locker at all times.

Pending they can be responsible with use we will allow scholars to have their phones at lunch, with the agreement is powered down and stored in their locker for the duration of the day. 

Please ensure that you review our policy and inform your child that you will get a hold of them in emergency situations via our school phone.  If your child needs to get a hold of you, they will be able to make a call in a classroom or the office.  Please do not expect to communicate with your children via their cell phone during school hours. We know that this will help our students focus on school.  The following is our policy when a student does not place the phone in their locker. Your partnership in this policy is crucial to your child’s success. We want to be proactive and having you speak to your child(ren) about this policy will help support our commitments. 

**Bear Valley is not responsible for any lost personal electronic devices**