8th grade Career Fair

Posted November 14, 2023

DPS 8th Grade Career Fair 

Wednesday 11/15 all BVIS 8th graders will be picked up via bus to travel to the DPS Career Fair in the afternoon after testing. Please call the main office with any further questions!


Eighth grade is a critical time when students begin making educational decisions that will impact their career opportunities for years to come. The Career Fair is set up to help students make these important decisions with the future in mind. They begin by interviewing career representatives in their area of interest to find out what post-secondary training or education they need for various careers. They end by learning about what high school programs or courses may help them prepare. 

Career Fair PrepCareer FairCareer Fair Follow-up
Students complete the Interest Profiler (RIASEC) on MaiaLearning and explore careers in their area of interest.  Students will use the RIASEC model to  locate their area of interest at the Career Fair. Students will decide which career, PS, and HS reps they would like to interview at the fair. Learn about high school credits and transcripts, GPA, and graduation requirements Create a high school 4-year plan, which includes academic, career, and elective courses as well as service learning and extracurricular activitiesLearn about cost of living, salary for various post-secondary options, and financial aid vocabulary