8th grade Continuation Fundraising

Posted January 29, 2024

Please share this GoFund me link with all your family and friends to help us ensure that we can have the funds available for all our 8th graders to have a fun last week of Middle School!


During the last week of school, our 8th grade team honors and celebrates the 8th grade class as they continue to high school. For many of our scholars, this week of celebration is the last opportunity for them to all be together as they venture to different high schools throughout the Denver metro area. This year we are seeking support to make this week extra special as COVID has impacted their ability to take part in celebrations, field trips and other experiential activities throughout their middle school experience.

Our 8th grade team is looking to fundraise money to help ensure all scholars can participate in the fun, regardless of their family’s financial status. Through your generous donations, the Bear Valley community will be able to:

Celebrate the academic growth and achievement of our scholars leading up to the month of May

Buy tickets to a local amusement park for all scholars in need so they can participate with their peers and teachers

Secure a field trip to “Skate City” and provide lunch for all scholars

Celebrate our scholars with prizes, snacks and BVIS “swag”

Buy refreshments and decor for the “continuation ceremony” hosted at one of our feeder high schools

If you are able, we would appreciate your donation to help make this week as special as possible for our 8th graders!


The Bear Valley 8th Grade Team