8th Grade Family Reminder

Posted April 22, 2024

Phone & Airpods/Headphone Expectations

8th Grade Families, 

As we approach the end of the school year, our goal as an 8th grade team is to ensure your student is as prepared as possible for high school and beyond. This includes building the skills to become independent learners who are focused during class. Technology, including the use of phones and airpods are distracting and take away from your student’s ability to engage in learning. Please review the following with your student(s) to maximize their success and ability to be continuation eligible! 

Technology Expectations:

  • Students are permitted to use their cellphone and airpods during breakfast in the cafe from 8:30-8:40am.
  • When students enter the building and head to lockers,  all cell phones and any other electronics should be powered off and put locked in lockers.  
  • If a family is concerned that this is not a secure location, please keep the phone at home.
  • Students choosing to bring cell phones and other electronics to school assume responsibility for those devices, the school is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken items.
  • If you need to contact your student during the day; please contact the front office. Your student is also welcome to use teacher classroom phones during appropriate times or with a pass. 

Phone Sweeps:

Starting Monday April 22nd, our team will be conducting unannounced “phone sweeps” in 8th grade classrooms in hopes to minimize the number of students with cellphones/airpods during instructional time. If your student is caught with their phone or airpods, please know the steps below will be taken.

Consequences For Phone/Airpods Use: 

  • Incident #1: Student puts their phone in their locker; phone call home
  • Incident #2: Phone is collected for the remainder of the day; phone call home 
  • Incident #3: Phone is collected for the remainder of the day; Parent/guardian will be REQUIRED to pick up the cell phone

Depending on the number of incidents; your student may be marked “off track” for continuation until their behavior improves

If you have questions or concerns about our cell phone policy, please reach out to the front office directly and a member of administration will support you!