8th grade news!

Posted March 6, 2023

Please mark you calendars for TUESDAY 3/21 for 8th grade Lifetouch Continuation Photos!

  • All scholars will take a photo!
    • A complimentary 8*10 photo will accompany their Continuation certificate they receive at the ceremony on Wednesday 5/24.
    • If you would like to order more prints, please click BELOW for the Lifetouch flyer to order online.
      • An ordering envelope will be coming home with your students in the coming days.
  • Scholars can be in free dress but still must follow our acceptable dress code exceptions
    • See below fundraising image for list.

Remaining Saturday School Dates

We know that attendance percentages are sometimes out of your control. Students and families will be offered several opportunities to unofficially raise their attendance percentages.
Students will receive a 0.5 point attendance increase for every working lunch they attend, 1.0 points for attending after school tutoring on Mondays or Thursdays and 3.0 points for each Saturday school they attend. Here are the following Saturday school dates:
Saturday School Dates; every day is 8am-11am
● March: 18th
● April: 8th
● April: 22nd
● May: 6th
● May: 13th

Fundraising for 8th grade Continuation Fun!

Our 8th grade Teacher Team is looking to fundraise all the money needed to pay for the 3 fun days planned prior to the Continuation ceremony. We want ALL scholars to participate in the fun regardless of their families financial situation.

Unfortunately we have only met 18% of our goal so far. Please consider sharing this fundraising opportunity with all your family members to help limit the out of pocket cost for all our students.

Free Dress expectations

  • Pants, shorts, dresses & skirts must be worn to appropriately cover undergarments and maintain reasonable levels of personal privacy – pants, shorts and skirts may not be worn to intentionally expose underwear or be too short to ensure modesty of private parts. 
  • Students MAY NOT wear any hats, beanies, hoodies or other headwear unrelated to students’ cultural or religious guidance and norms.
  • Students MAY NOT wear sunglasses indoors.
  • Students MAY NOT wear articles of clothing promoting drugs, alcohol, violence, discrimination, sexual innuendo, derogatory language, gangs, illegal activity or other items or actions deemed by school leadership to be a disruption of the learning environment or harmful to other students or the community.