asynchronous day, Friday 5/7

Posted April 27, 2021

🌱 Can you see it?  It is the start of spring time!  🌱

Do you remember what you were doing last spring?  Coming off an extended spring break, assuming we would return to our building only to realize we would instead finish the school year in our homes.  While all of our stories and struggles are both important and different, one thing remains the same for us all, change.  We all have adjusted then re-adjust again to all the new rules, new regulations and a new (dare we say) ‘normal’.  

Here at Bear Valley we are looking ahead to the 21-22 school year with hope and promise.  Due to the numerous shifts throughout this school year we must take pause and time to ensure we are planning for a strong start for our entire community (scholars, staff & families).  This means carving out time before our summer break to build equitable and culturally responsive school systems, back to school orientations and curriculum to ensure we are supporting each one of our scholars and their future successes. 

Therefore, Friday May 7th will be an asynchronous day (independent home learning for both in-person and virtual scholars)  to allow our staff to reflect, plan and focus on being #yetiready for a strong school year.  Please click HERE to view Ms. Leon’s week 32 message to reiterate the importance of honoring this planning day.

Please read below for some additional updates and reminders for all our learners:

If your child is a virtual learner: 

  1. Please check in them to ensure they are logging into each classes and are actively participating in their assignments. If you need assistance on accessing their grades or speaking with their teachers please call 720-423-9600.  
  2. If you have a current 6th and 7th grader please be prepared to have them return to in-person learning next year as individual schools will not be providing virtual options.  The District should be sending communication to families soon about a Denver Online school option but please again keep in mind that will ultimately be a brand new school for your child.

If your child is a in-person learner:

  1. Making sure your child feels well and is symptom free prior to leaving for school each and every day.  We need to protect our community so if they don’t feel well, please keep them at home.
  2. Help ensure they pack a water bottle.  Sanitized water filling stations are available but we do not have bottles or cups to provide.  It is starting to get hot so we appreciate your help ensuring they have a bottle each day.
  3. Remind your scholar to charge their Chromebook each night. 

  As always, please don’t hesitate to call our front office with any further questions, concerns or comments.