Asynchronous learning at home on Tuesday 1/19

Posted January 19, 2021

To support our teachers transition from home back to building they have worked hard to create self-paced lesson plans for all scholars on Tuesday 1/19. It is important to note that there will be no Google Meets on Tuesday. Please click HERE to review the slide deck with your child to ensure they complete all the assigned tasks. Please note there are different directions if you are an in-person learner (pages 1-5) vs. a virtual learner (pages 6-10). This is also a great time for them to review missing assignments as well as re-attempting assignments that allow for another try.

Virtual learners return to Google Meets and their normal schedule on Wednesday.

We are very excited to welcome our 6th grade In-Person learners on Wednesday 1/20. Then on Thursday 1/21 our 7th and 8th grade In-Person learners will join. More information will be sent to only our in-person learners on Tuesday to ensure they are #yetiready to come back to campus!