🌨️ Changes in the weather 🌨️

Posted October 24, 2022

As Fall weather is finally upon us, we wanted to take a moment to ensure families understand the Denver Public Schools snow closure process as well as Bear Valley’s internal inside day thresholds.

Traditional Snow Days are BACK…

If there are unsafe conditions due to weather, DPS will have a traditional snow day, with no in-person or remote learning. Click HERE to watch a short video to learn more.

Before making decisions relating to inclement weather, the superintendent, DPS leadership as well as the Department of Safety, Facility Management and Transportation teams will consult with:

  • Local, national and independent weather services
  • City of Denver plowing schedules
  • Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)
  • Neighboring school districts

The final decision to go remote or close will be made by the superintendent. That decision is based on the expected accumulation of snow, the size of the storm and its duration.We are committed to informing families about school delays or closures as early as possible with the goal to make the call by 5 a.m.

BVIS Inside Day…

  • The threshold for calling an inside morning and/or inside lunch is a temperature below 30 degrees and/or active precipitation (rain or snow).
    • If it is an inside morning we will open campus doors at 7:15am vs. 7:22am.
      • Please note that we do not have the staffing capacity to open the doors any sooner than 7:15am so please time your drop off accordingly.
      • If your child arrives after 7:20am, please have them enter through the main entrance.
        • When roads are tricky we will excuse tardies to ensure families take the necessary precaution to arrive safely.
    • If we need to call an inside lunch scholars will have access to either the Henry Cafe and/or the Gyms during their grade level specific lunch times to keep them warm and dry.

As always, please call 720-423-9600 or email bvoffice@dpsk12.org if your student will not be attending that day.