Changes in weather…

Posted October 13, 2021

Today’s shift in temperature and precipitation took us a bit by surprise. Guess it is finally fall time!

We wanted to connect with all families regarding our inside morning and lunch procedures as scholars overall safety is our #1 priority.

  • Please ensure your child is leaving home with proper outwear based on the most updated daily forecast.
    • Layers are a must for Colorado’s unpredictable weather swings!
  • The threshold for calling an inside morning and/or inside lunch is a temperature below 30 degrees and/or active precipitation (rain or snow).
    • If it is an inside morning we will open campus doors at 7:15am vs. 7:25am.
    • If we need to call an inside lunch scholars will have access to either the Henry Cafe and/or the Auditorium during their grade level specific lunch times to keep them warm and dry.
  • Based on CDC Covid-19 guidance, the safest place for scholars to be un-masked during lunch is still outdoors.
    • We will continue to use our amazing outdoor space for lunch & PE until we hit our inside day thresholds.
    • We have outdoor picnic tables in addition to rolling out Cafe tables each day to ensure we have adequate seats for those who choose to eat lunch.