CMAS this week…

Posted April 12, 2021

CMAS testing for all In-Person scholars will be this Tuesday 4/13, Wednesday 4/14 and Thursday 4/15. Our daily start and end times will be the same as normal. Please ensure they are at the building no later than 8:20am and picked up by 1:30pm as there will no no tutoring for in-person learners the remainder of the week.

Please note all VIRTUAL scholars will participate in independent asynchronous learning days on Tuesday 4/13, Wednesday 4/14 and Thursday 4/15 as their teachers will be proctoring the in-person scholars. They will still log into their block 1 class each morning to ensure they are set up to have a successful day. They will have virtual tutoring available each day at 1:15-2:00pm using their classroom Google Meet.

If you called ahead to opt your VIRTUAL scholar into testing, they will come to the building on Monday 4/19, Tuesday 4/20 and Wednesday 4/21. If you did not call to opt your child in, they will not be taking CMAS this year.

Please help support your IN-PERSON child by:
  1. Making sure that they log off early from technology so they can get a restful nights sleep each night.
  2. Before they go to bed ensure their Chromebook is plugged in so it will have a FULL strong charge throughout the day.
  3. Be sure they are ON TIME. Any scholars who arrive after 8:30am will have to sit in the auditorium until the testing is done and will do make-up’s next week.
  4. Pick up your child by 1:30pm every day as there will be no tutoring for in-person scholars Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.