Fall Band Concert – Wed 10/25

Posted October 24, 2023

Welcome to the Fall Band Concert. We are so happy that you are here!  If you post pictures or video on Instagram please tag @bearvalleyint, our Bear Valley social media page!

Please CLICK HERE to give a shout out to the performers you see tonight!

6th Grade Band

CLICK HERE to learn more about the performers

Our 6th graders have learned so much already about playing in an ensemble together!  Most students had no experience with an instrument until this year.  It is AMAZING how much they have mastered for our first concert, focussing on reading rhythms, pitch and playing with a good tone quality and posture.

Selections From Essential Elements Including:

Rolling Along, Hot Cross Buns, Go Tell Aunt Rhodie, March Steps, Au Claire De La Lune, London Bridge, A Mozart Melody

7th/8th Grade Band

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This band has made huge strides as an ensemble, starting off the year being combined with 7th and 8th graders.  They have really worked on finding their sound, working on blend and playing some of the most challenging music that we have performed at Bear Valley.  I am so proud of their progress so far this year

Midnight MissionBrian BalmagesThe Sorcerers ProcessionDouglas AkeyShadows UnleashedBrian Balmages
Dark RideRandall StandridgeTunes That Go Bump in the NightMark William

All Band Members: Creatures in the Attic: Brian Balmages

Parlando School of Musical Arts

We would like to recognize our guest artist teachers that come and work with your students on a weekly basis.  Students have been offered private/small group lessons for brass and woodwind instruments during the school day.  These teachers have made a HUGE impact on our music community, and are such supportive teachers to our kids.  The ability for them to come and teach is from a grant awarded to Parlando School of Music.

 Mr. Randel (Reeds)       Mr. Bryan (Brass)   Ms. Carol (Flute)

DPS CityWide Band

Some of our Bear Valley Band students will participate in citywide band and perform at Denver University this November.  It is a great opportunity for students to perform with other schools across the district.  Congratulations to the students who applied and made it in!

Special Thanks

Shoutouts to all of the hard work from our band students who have been going above and beyond to practice their music!  Special thanks to all of the parents and families that support our students in music even when listening to them practicing can be BRUTAL 

Thank you to all of the teachers who supported after school managing students and keeping them focused during the concert

This concert would not happen without the support from our BVIS admin: 

Ms. Sutherland, Mr. Plesko, Ms. Christensen, Ms. Alley & Ms. Sarah and all the support from the front office staff to spread the word about the concert!!  Thank you!!