Hi from Ms. Alley – 8th Language & Literature

Posted March 15, 2023

Quarter 4 Language Arts Unit

8th Grade Families, I am so excited to begin our last unit of the year, literature circles. This unit is an opportunity for your student to have choice in the novel they read and work in a collaborative setting each day during class. During quarter 4, we will be engaging in the following work: 

  • Students will rank the book options below based on interest and reading level and be placed in a group. Together, they will set their group norms, determine a reading calendar and hold each other accountable for daily reading.
  • Students will develop on their note taking skills as they jot down key information about the plot, setting and characters of the story 
  • Students will become stronger writers as they complete digital notebooks entries and use individualized feedback to edit and revise their writing regularly
  • Students will engage in regular discussions with their book group and push each other to become strong communicators and collaborators. They will leverage these discussions to support them in their analysis of the text.
  •  Students will complete several assessments including reading quizzes, larger writing assignments and a final project to demonstrate their internalization of the novel

If you have any questions or concerns about this unit or any of the topics covered in these books, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. We started this unit on Tuesday, March 14th. 

Kelsey Alley 

Email: kelsey_alley@dpsk12.net

Call or text: 720-378-8620