Important Updates!

Posted September 24, 2021

We have three important announcements for you today.
1st, our school wide expectation is that scholars power down and store their cell phones in their personal lockers for the entire school day.  This is to ensure they are completely focused on learning. 

We are experiencing several scholars who have chosen to keep their cell phone in their pocket and use them during instruction time.  To support and prioritize your child’s learning we will start collecting phones that are being used during class starting on Wednesday 9/29. We will securely store and return at 3:00 after dismissal. If a scholar is found with their cell phones after this initial sweep they will have to bring a parent in to collect.  If you feel your child is unable to comply with this expectation please encourage them to leave their cell phones at home. Please click here for some resources on how to lock your child’s phone so that they only are able to receive texts and calls during school instructional time.

2nd, in years past we have taken time out of instruction to walk to the adjacent Hobart/Bates Park to watch the John F Kennedy High School HoCo parade.  This year unfortunately we do not have the capacity to provide this opportunity to our students.  If your child will be absent on Friday please ensure that you are calling their absence in to 720-423-9600 and following up to ensure they catch up on the work they missed.

Finally, this Monday September 27th there is NO SCHOOL for scholars as it is a district teacher planning day.  We look forward to seeing our scholars return on Tuesday 9/29 well rested and ready to learn.