Interim #2 on 2/24 & 2/25

Posted February 18, 2021

Next week, Bear Valley scholars will be taking their Interim Assessments. These assessments provide students the chance to demonstrate the many skills they have been practicing and the content learned so far this school year. It is more vital than ever to ensure we measure student success, so we can best support scholars during the remainder of the year. The data we gain from these assessments helps us determine our next steps in instruction and provides information on how to better support individual student needs. 

We will be giving Interim Assessments the week of February 22nd. The Literacy Assessment will be on Wednesday, Feb. 24th. The Math Assessment will be on Thursday, Feb. 25th. On the assessment days, students who are remote learners will log in like normal at 8:30 and complete their assessment during the first half of the day. Our in-person learners will report to school by 8:30, as usual, and take the assessments in their block 1 class. On the afternoon of Feb. 24th, scholars will attend blocks 1 & 2. On the afternoon of Feb. 25th, they will attend blocks 3 & 4. Tutoring will be cancelled all week to allow time for teacher planning to interim grading.

Please support your scholar by ensuring they get a good night of sleep and arrive to class on time. They will also need to have a fully charged device since they will be completing the interim assessment online.