Looking ahead to 24-25!

Posted May 13, 2024

As we wind down the current school year we wanted to take a moment to connect with our rising 7th and 8th graders to ensure they are #YETIREADY for the 24-25 school year!

Please read the following 3 updates:

  • Enrollment and DPS Online Registration!
  • 1st day of the 24-25 school year!
  • Changes to dress code!

Enrollment & DPS Online Registration

All our current 6th & 7th Bear Valley Students are automatically assigned a seat for the 24-25 school year as new 7th & 8th graders. However if you are not planning on returning to BVIS please email the front office at bvoffice@dpsk12.org with the name of the new school as we are on a waitlist for new students.

  • The DPS Early Bird Registration is NOW OPEN and will be until May 24.
    • Click on this Family Navigation Guide to access high-level instructions (in numerous languages on how to complete the online registration.
      • Parents/guardians must have access to or create a Parent Portal Account in order to complete the online registration. 
      • To register online, sign in to Parent Portal, click on “See All Apps,” then click on “Online Registration” to verify or update your student’s information. Online registration can only be completed by the parent/guardian listed in the primary household of the student record
      • If you have issues with your Parent Portal Account you can contact Parent Portal @ 720-423-3163. Completing online registration during the Early Bird window automatically locks your child’s placement in for next school year!

1st day of school

We are still finalizing our unique 24-25 school calendar but wanted to share our 1st days of school so that you can plan your summer accordingly!

  • 6th grade starts on Thursday August 15th 2024
  • 7th and 8th grade starts on Friday August 16th 2024
  • 8th grade final day of Middle School and Continuation Ceremony will be Wed May 28th, 2025
  • 6th & 7th final day of school will be Friday May 30th, early release at 1pm.

Changes to 24-25 dress code

We have listened to our student and community feedback and have made the following changes to our dress code for 24-25:

  • Tops (shirts & sweatshirts) no longer have to have a Bear Valley logo
  • Rather tops must be PLAIN and in the color scheme of either Black, Navy Blue, White, Grey or Lime Green.
    • Shirts must be plain and free of any non-Bear Valley Logos
    • If the garment has a logo that is not Bear Valley three fingers need to be able to cover the logo.
      • For example, SMALL pocket logos like a Nike Swoosh, Adidas and Champion logos are OK!

Acceptable Dress

  • All Students MUST wear a PLAIN shirt or outerwear that is either Black, Navy Blue, White, Grey or Lime Green
    • T-Shirts may not be cut, tied, rolled up or otherwise altered to intentionally expose a person’s belly, chest or upper/lower back.
  • Pants, shorts, and skirts can be worn in any color/style.
    • Pants, shorts, dresses & skirts must be worn to appropriately cover undergarments and maintain reasonable levels of personal privacy – pants, shorts and skirts may not be worn to intentionally expose underwear or be too short to ensure modesty of private parts. 
  • Sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, hoodies and other over-clothing must be Black, Navy Blue, White, Grey or Lime Green and free of any large logos.
    • Hoods must be off heads at all times when inside the building.  

Unacceptable Dress

  • Students MAY NOT wear any hats, beanies, hoodies or other headwear unrelated to students’ cultural or religious guidance and norms.
  • Students MAY NOT wear sunglasses indoors.
  • Students MAY NOT wear articles of clothing promoting drugs, alcohol, violence, discrimination, sexual innuendo, derogatory language, gangs, illegal activity or other items or actions deemed by school leadership to be a disruption of the learning environment or harmful to other students or the community.