Meeting Basic Expectations

Posted October 2, 2021


School has now been in session for 7 weeks and we still have many scholars who are struggling to meet basic expectations throughout the day.  We need your support encouraging them to get back on track to support their learning and growth.

Please review the below and speak alongside your child this weekend to reiterate these school expectations.  Expect follow-up calls to partner with so we can best support your child to get back on track.  


Cell phones

Our school wide policy is for cell phones to be powered down and left in their personal lockers for the entire school day.

We understand that prior to the start of this new school year scholars had unlimited access to their cell phones and these devices offered them virtual connections with their family and friends.  However NOW is the time for them to disconnect from these distractions to allow them to be 100% engaged in their learning from 7:30-3:00pm.  If there is an urgent need to communicate with your child please call the front office and we can relay a message.

Scholars found to be using their cell phones during instructional time will be asked to hand over their phone by a member of Admin.  Depending on their mis-use of this policy we will ask family members to come and retrieve their phones at the end of the day.

Action steps for cell phones:

  1. Consider installing app blocking technology on their phones to ensure they only have access to the phone/text during the school day.
    • Click HERE for directions for iPhones
    • Click HERE for directions for Androids
  2. Do not communicate via text with your child throughout the day. 
    • Make sure pick-up plans are discussed prior to drop-off. 
  3. Encourage your scholar to leave their cell phones at home if they are unable to meet the expectation of leaving their phones in their lockers.


We gave EVERY scholar a brand new Lenovo Chromebook at the beginning of the year.  Many scholars are forgetting this Chromebook at home or forgetting to charge overnight.

Action steps for Chromebooks

  1. Please help support an after school/nighttime routine with your student to ensure the Chromebook is plugged in so it is fully charged for the next day of learning.  
  2. If your child says they don’t have a Chromebook or it is damaged please email 

Dress Code

Last year our scholars took charge in changing our dress code policy to allow them to show their unique personality off without having to be restricted by a uniform.

Click here to ensure you understand expectations we have in regards to our dress code.  Many of our scholars have required several reminders to remove their hood off their heads while inside the building.  Also several of our female scholars have been wearing shirts that expose their stomaches.  

Action steps for dress code

  • Please help ensure your scholar leaves the house everyday dressed to impress while honoring our dress code expectations.  
    • Make sure they understand that having their hoods on their heads inside the day is a safety concern
  • Encourage your child to bring a change of (dress code appropriate) clothes to leave in their locker.

Focus on learning

To support student attainment and growth, every instructional minute is critical to accelerate their growth.  For some scholars we have seen a very high percent of tardy rates as well as requests to use the bathroom passes multiple times in one class.   

Action steps to focus on learning

  • Please reach out to our Health Office to report any medical conditions that would justify frequent bathroom visits. 
    • If not ensure your child is not abusing their time away from instruction.
  • Please click HERE to access Parent Portal and then the Schoology App to check on your scholars grades to ensure they are participating and turning in their assignments each day.  
    1. We offer Study Halls on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:00-3:45 to provide additional support
    2. Quarter 1 ends on October 15th!
      • All missing assignments must be turned in by Wednesday 10/14 to be able to receive credit.