Safety update…

Posted August 25, 2021

We have had a YETITASTIC start to our 21-22 school year!!  Please read closely as we have a few important safety updates to share with you.

1st is that our building chillers are in status of repair.   The good news is that we do have 4 large port-a-cooler units in our hallways to help the flow of cool air.  However we need your support to ensure your child is wearing light and breathable clothes to school each day.  On Monday we provided reusable green Yeti water bottles to every scholar that we are recommending they keep at school to ensure they have access to water in the classrooms.  Please encourage them to bring a bottle from home if they prefer.

2nd is a reminder to the DPS District mask mandate as masks are required at all times indoors for all students, visitors, and staff regardless of vaccination status.  Wearing masks properly over our nose and mouth at all times protects not only ourselves but our entire community.  We appreciate your support ensuring your child comes to school every day with a mask that fits properly.  Please have them visit the front office or the health office if they need a new mask.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s middle school journey. 

Call our main office if you have any further questions, 720-423-9600.