School Supplies

Posted August 12, 2021

Please click here to access our school supply list for the 21-22 school year.

We are asking that all scholars bring these supplies on their 1st day of school!

6th grade starts on Wednesday 8/18

7th grade & 8th grad starts on Thursday 8/19

Please note that previously posted/distributed lists only had requested ONE 3-ring binder. We are asking for a SECOND binder, 1.5 inch to support their Language Arts class. These binders will stay in the classroom and be a vital resource for students. They will use these binders to keep samples of their work, data information and class resources. It is our hope to share these binders with you at parent teacher conferences so you can see your scholars work and progress toward meeting their literacy goals. 

Please fill out this BVIS School Supply Survey if you NEED ASSISTANCE securing supplies for your scholar OR if you are able to DONATE A BACKPACK to assist a family in need. Ensure you finish this survey by hitting submit after you have answered all the required questions.

Please call Ms. Sarah at 720.423.9600 if you require further assistance.