Secure Perimeter 10/25

Posted October 25, 2022

Today near the end of the school day there was an incident outside the school that we were concerned could create a safety issue for students as they exited the building.  Our school leaders and Campus Safety Officer placed the campus on a Security Hold at 2:25 and requested police response. Denver Police and DPS Dept of Safety officers responded promptly, securing the building.

I want to assure everyone that student safety is our number one priority.  Throughout the incident today there was decisive action as soon as the concern was raised.  Our team secured the building immediately and law enforcement responded appropriately.

As a reminder, any time we have a safety concern we request that families respect the fact that we prioritize student safety and will communicate with relevant information as soon and as frequently as possible.  We appreciate your patience in keeping our phone lines free so we can communicate clearly, effectively and as quickly as possible.  We’d also ask that families reaffirm with their students the importance of quickly responding to safety protocols.  

Any time there are safety concerns in a school some students or families could need additional assistance to debrief the incident in a healthy way.  We encourage families to talk about how the school kept their students safe today.  The mental health team will be available to talk with students all day tomorrow.  School leaders will be able to address any parent concerns.

Yours in Education,

Shane Knight, Principal

Bear Valley International School