Tardy Policy

Posted January 9, 2023

We believe that EVERY MINUTE OF INSTRUCTION MATTERS; therefore, it is imperative that our students arrive on time to EVERY class. 

Starting on Monday 1/09/23 we will be implementing the below tardy policy to ensure our scholars are maximizing learning time and building the time management skills.

Our current bell schedule has a 3 minute passing period to allow ample time for scholars to move class-to-class. If a scholar is late to more than 3 classes in a day they will need to stay from 2:30-3:30 to make up that missed instructional time. This hour will also be used to work individually with each scholar to build additional skills for time management skills going forward. If your child has earned this reflection time you will receive a call/email and text alerting you to the day they will stay late.

  • If a scholar is tardy 3+ times on a Thursday, Friday or Monday they stay late on Tuesday.
  • If a scholar is tardy 3+ times on a Tuesday or Wednesday they stay late on Thursday.

Please note : Morning tardies to period 1 are NOT counted in this policy. Scholars are expected to be in their Learning Community classroom by 7:30am. If you find yourself dropping off your child right at 7:30am please start leaving home 5-10 minutes earlier to ensure they are not missing out on this important social and emotional instruction.