This week’s updates…

Posted February 26, 2024

Hello Yetis,

Please read below for some very important updates for this week!

Interim Testing

  • Tuesday 2/27 we will be hosting our Social Studies Interim #2
  • Wednesday 2/28 we will be hosting our Science Interim #2

These will be normal bell schedule days so please ensure you child is ON TIME each day to prevent them from being pulled for make-ups.

Quarter 3 Celebration – Friday 3/1

This Friday our scholars who meet the below criteria will earn a pass to our afternoon Quarter 3 Celebration from 1:00-3:50pm. This will include a walking field trip to one of the below locations in the using their money to purchase a treat. Last week students were able to rank their choices so that we can schedule each grade level accordingly as we will be spacing out their time off campus. We have supervision scheduled to support a safe journey for all and have also asked DPS Security and DPD Station 4 to support at crosswalks. If you are interested in helping support while students are traveling off campus, please email Mama Yeti at

We are suggesting students to bring $5-$10 to spend. If your family is in financial hardships and need support please fill out this form as we want to ensure all students can buy their own treat! Also, if you are in a capacity to be able to donate we will be collecting cash in the front office throughout the week.

  • Giuseppe’s Pizzeria
  • McDonalds
  • Starbucks
  • Gas Station
  • Taco Bell/KFC
  • Subway

Requirements to earn a pass to the Quarter 3 Celebration:

  • No Pass Class
  • Passing grades (no Ds or Fs)
  • A completed iCAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan)