Tik Tok Challenges

Posted September 16, 2021

As you might have seen already on the national news, there have been Tik Tok challenges going viral encouraging students to vandalize school bathrooms.  The challenges include Kool Aid vandalism to toilets and walls, taking batteries out of dispensers, removing soap/toilets paper and paper towel dispensers off walls and hiding them so they are unable to be reinstalled.

Due to various damages in many of our restroom, we have had to temporarily divert scholars our few fully functional facilities.  Our policy is to have one student from each class go to the restroom at a time to ensure safety.

We need your help speaking to your children to ensure they understand the severity and impact of these vandalism acts against school property.  Unfortunately we are in a situation where we don’t have new dispensers on-hand to replace what has already been damaged.  There is foam anti-bacterial standing hand sanitizer stations throughout the hallways.

Please remind your child that this is THEIR school and it OUR community responsibility to take pride and care of our space.