We need your help!

Posted August 29, 2021

The 6 topics below will be discussed with all scholars during their Advisement class on Monday through this Admin video.  We understand this is a lot of information but we appreciate your support to ensure your child is well informed of all these policies to make sure they are safe and engaging in learning!


Per the DPS District mask mandate ALL students and staff must wear masks at all times when indoors.   

Please help by making sure your child is leaving the house with a well fitted mask and extras in their backpack if possible.  If they need a mask please tell them to find an adult before they enter the building.  

In order to ensure that we are all following CDC and district guidelines, in order to not have students quarantine when there is a positive Covid case in your child’s classroom, your child must wear their mask correctly throughout the day. Please ensure that your child has a proper fitting  face mask.

Teachers will be giving out reminders and will be calling home if they are seeing patterns of misuse.  We are hopeful that your support will ensure that we are all safe and can stay in school.  If there is persistence in mask in-compliance, we will need to conference with you at school. Students do not need to wear masks outside.

Cell phones

Cell phones are distracting and interrupt your child’s learning.  

Our school wide policy is to fully power down and lock cell phones in personal lockers throughout the entire day.  We understand this is a change as they have been used to having access to these phones through the summer and during remote learning.  

Please help us by encouraging them to take a break from their cell phone so they can dedicate their day to learning.


Per the agreement signed during registration it is scholars and families responsibility to keep their brand new Chromebooks safe, charged and free of damage.

Please help us by encouraging your child to:

  • Find a safe place to charge their Chromebook each night.  
    • We are not allowing scholars to charge their chromebooks at school so please make sure they are leaving chargers at home.
  • Unless they are working on school work, please keep them off these devices at home to ensure they are not abusing these Chromebooks for personal use.
  • Remind them that any damage that is due to mis-use will be the responsibility of your family.  

New Bell Schedule

We have listened to our scholars and adjusted our bell schedule to provide a longer lunch break.   Please click HERE to review.

  • Scholars should arrive on campus between 7:15-7:25am to allow them time to hang with their friends and provide them enough time to visit their locker.
  • Scholars must be in their 1st class by 7:30am. 
    • If you are dropping off your child after 7:30 they are being marked tardy.

Water bottles 

Last week we provided all scholars with a free reusable water bottle.  Unfortunately we have found many of these throughout the hallways without their names that we asked them to add to ensure they could be returned if left behind.

Please help us by ensuring your child has a water bottle each day.  Our building is warm and keeping them hydrated is very important.

Early pick-ups

We understand that appointments sometimes need to be made during the school day.  

In order to keep our scholars learning and safe, we ask that you don’t request early pick-ups from 2:30-3:00.  If you do need to pick up during that time, please call the front office at least ½ hour before so that we can ensure they have adequate time to get to their lockers and down to the front office.