Welcome Back!

Posted April 3, 2022

Monday 4/04 is a staff planning day and no school for scholars.

We look forward to welcoming back our scholars on TUESDAY 4/05 to finish our 21-22 school year strong. Please ensure you have afternoon pick-up plans coordinated as we will still be releasing at 1:30pm.

Tips for returning from spring break:

  1. Make sure your Chromebook is charged!
  2. Use Monday to start unplugging and separating yourself from your video games/cell phones!
  3. Go to bed early on Monday night to ensure you are #YETIREADY for early Tuesday morning wake-up!

Cell phone valet change:

As a reminder, it is our school wide cell phone policy is for cell phone to be placed in their individual lockers** throughout the school day. This policy ensures scholars are 100% focused on student learning and growth.

Since the start of our cell phone valet process we have seen a GREAT improvement on scholars being responsible with this policy. However Ms. Sarah is still having to visit many classrooms throughout the day for scholars who choose to keep their phone on them and use them inappropriately during class time.

In order to hold those scholars more accountable, prior to the start of spring break Scholars we communicated a change to our cell phone valet return policy. It is also important to note that we will have CMAS testing week of 4/18. Any scholar caught with their cell phone during these state mandated testing days will put themselves and all their classmates in a position where they will have to retake the tests on a Saturday.

Our new policy effective when we return on Tuesday 4/5:

  1. Any scholar who is found to be using their cell phone during classroom instructional time will have their cell phone picked up by Ms. Sarah. This phone will be securely stored in the main office.
  2. An adult family member must come to the front office to retrieve this devices as we will no longer be handing phones directly back to the scholars at the end of the day.
  3. If a family member is unable to pick up the phone by 3:45pm we will store overnight in our school safe.
  4. Scholars who have their cell phones valet’d twice in one week will have to relinquish their phone to Ms. Sarah during their 1st period class every morning. Those phones will be returned directly to the scholar at dismissal.

**Scholars can choose to relinquish their cell phones to the main office 1st thing every morning if they are unable or not comfortable putting their cell phones in their lockers. Those scholars will be allowed to pick up their cell phone after school without an adult since the were proactive and responsible with finding an alternative to be away from their phone throughout the day.

Please email or call Ms. Sarah @ 720-423-9663 with any further questions/concerns.