Winter Break & Return to School…

Posted December 19, 2020

We shared this Bye Bye Yetis video today during our scholars block 4, please feel free to re-watch together!

We wanted to touch base with you before our winter break starts next week.  As a reminder, there will be no school starting Monday December 21st.  All scholars, regardless of their learning path selection, will start their 3rd quarter of learning remotely at home starting on Tuesday January 5th 2021. 

We are requesting all scholars to completely shut down and safely store their DPS Chromebooks over the break to ensure no damages occur during their 2 week vacation.  Our inventory of loaners is very minimal and we will not have the capacity to replcae these devices after break.  Please ecourging your child to find non-screen activities to keep them happy and active over the break.  

If health conditions allow we are hopeful to start gradually welcoming our in-person learning path scholars to the building after the MLK holiday or the 3rd week of January.  We will provide updates for all families as we return in January to ensure we are ready for this safe return to building. 

As always our Front Office ladies are standing by to help answer any and all questions or concerns at 720-423-9600.

We wish all our scholars and their family a warm, safe and happy holiday season.