23-24 Registration & Return to School Info!

Posted July 26, 2023

The purpose of this post is to make sure all Bear Valley families and students are prepared to start the 23-24 school year and know the action steps required to finalize registration!  We know this is a lot of information to absorb but we appreciate your time reading through each and every section!

If you still have additional questions don’t hesitate to call 720-423-9600 or email bvoffice@dpsk12.org and one of our YETITASTIC front office ladies will be happy to assist.

If you are reviewing this communication but your CHILD WILL NOT BE ATTENDING BVIS please call or email us with name and location of the forwarding school so that we can provide transcripts and confirm enrollment. We cannot remove you from our rosters (or auto dialers) until we have confirmed enrollment with this new school. The sooner we hear from you the sooner we can pull one of our wait listed students over!

The below post will provide answers to the below questions!

  • How do I complete registration for my child?
  • What is changing with Food Service this year?
  • When is the 1st day of school?
  • Why is your school calendar different than DPS?
  • What will be the school hours?
  • Is there a dress code?
  • What is the supply list?
  • How do I secure DPS yellow bus transportation for my child?


ALL new and returning students must register either Online (via DPS Parent Portal) or at Walk-in Registration. Please note that we are unable to build your child a schedule until registration, either online or walk-in is completed.

Online registration re-opened on July 30th through Parent Portal and is the preferred method to complete your child’s registration. If you complete the registration online you would only need to come to the school to purchase Spirit Swag t-shirts and/or pick up paper copies of all the documents provided in this website post.

Online registration is completed by signing into Parent Portal. If you do not have a Parent Portal account, you can create one here. After you sign in to Parent Portal, click on “See All Apps,” then click on “Online Registration” (towards the bottom of the list of apps) to complete the process. Online registration can only be completed by the parent/guardian listed in the primary household of the student record.

Click below for step-by-step directions to support completing this online registration:




If you are unable to complete the online registration please choose the day and time that works best for your family. Students are welcome to join but it isn’t required. The entire process should take less than 30 minutes. Please park on the surrounding streets and enter through our main entrance along South Golden Way. If there are spots available free free to park in either of our lots!

  • Thursday August 3rd from 11am – 6pm
  • Friday August 4th from 8am – 3pm

If you are new to DPS or you had a recent address change please be sure to bring in a copy of your current lease or any utility bill.

Registration Fees

Registration fees will be again waived for the 23-24 school year to allow families to support Spirit Swag purchases and purchase our full school supply list!

Food Service

All students in DPS will have access to FREE healthy, nutritious school meals beginning in the 2023-2024 school year thanks to the Healthy School Meals for All program approved by Colorado voters! While meals will be provided for free to all DPS students through Healthy School Meals for All, families will still need to complete a form to ensure DPS gets full access to available federal funding.

What this means for families:

  • Please continue to fill out the You Benefit! form (formerly referred to as the Meals Application). We ask all DPS families to please complete the You Benefit! form during registration for the 2023-24 school year. By completing the form, you will help us access all available funds to cover the cost of meals, and other nutritional programs for students.
  • Families who fill out the You Benefit! form may qualify to receive discounted school fees, class materials, bus passes, utilities support and more!
  • All household income information provided through this form is strictly confidential and protected by law. Only one form is required for all children in the household. Immigration, migrant, citizenship or refugee status is not required when completing the form.

Learn more about the Healthy School Meals for All program in a short video in English and Spanishthis flier (Spanish is on page 2), or by visiting the Healthy School Meals for All website.

  1. If you have questions about completing the You Benefit! form, please contact the DPS Food & Nutrition Services department by calling 720-423-5600 or emailing the foodservices@dpsk12.org inbox.
  2. We will also have computers available at walk-in registration and support staff available to help you complete this You Benefit! form!
  3. Families with incomplete forms will receive autodialer reminder requests to complete in early September.

Spirit Swag aka Dress Code

Uniform shirts and any outwear with a BV logo will be required for all students. Please click HERE to access the full dress code policy. We are excited to offer a FREE dress day throughout the year to reward scholars for meeting our ROAR expectations. We also host several Spirit Weeks throughout the year.

  • Blue, grey and black t-shirts ($8/piece) will be for sale at walk-in registration as well as in the front office for the duration of the school year.
  • We will be taking pre-orders for outerwear (hoodies and crewnecks) at the end of August once we allow our scholars to have voice and choice on what they will look like!
  • An optional outside vendor Memories by AC is available that has several logo options to imprint on existing apparel or new blank items you would like to buy at Walmart or Target.
    • Click HERE to review her ordering flyer.
      • If you choose to order through them you bring your apparel to the front office.
      • Please ensure you are only ordering garments that are white, navy blue, grey, black or lime green and are free of any logos that can’t be covered with 2 fingers.
        • For example, a small Nike Swoosh is OK but a large logo on the back is not acceptable and will be refused by Memories by AC.
    • We are no longer doing business with BearValleySpiritwear.com however we are looking into more cost effective alternatives.

Our unique calendar & 1st day of school info

BVIS has a unique school calendar that is slightly different from the DPS Calendar.  Please click HERE to view our calendar.  We start a bit earlier than other DPS schools, however our last day of school is 5/31/2024!

  • 1st day of school for 6th* = Wednesday August 16th, 2023
    • 6th grade will return on both Thursday 8/17 and Friday 8/18
  • 1st day of school for 7th* = Thursday August 17th, 2023
    • 7th grade will return on Friday 8/18
  • 1st day of school for 8th* = Friday August 18th, 2023

Each grades 1st day of school will be a FULL day and will be focused on building culture and ensuring all staff and students have time to ease into this new school year. This includes building tours, locker practice, and taking purposeful time to start building relationships.

School Hours

In May 2021, the DPS Board of Education passed a resolution to have all middle schools and high schools (district-managed and charters) start no earlier than 8:20 a.m. each school day to support healthy sleep habits in adolescents. Click HERE to read about the benefits backed by the American Academy of Pediatrics as well as answers to frequency asked questions.

  • The new Healthy Start bell times will go into effect for the 2023-24 school year.
    • DPS Transportation established each individual schools start times.
    • High Schools will be starting 1st at 8:20am-8:25am.
    • Middle Schools will start after to support bus capacity.


  • Each morning Cafe doors will open at 8:30am to allow Scholars access to a FREE hot breakfast.
    • Please note that we will NOT have a grab and go option for students who do not visit the Cafe from 8:30-8:40am.
    • Please do not drop your child off before 8:30am
  • Each grade level will have their own unique entry/exit doors
    • Click HERE for traffic map below that guides where to drop-off your child based on their grade level.
  • At 8:45am we will open the grade level doors for scholars to access their lockers
  • If it is actively precipitating and/or below 30 degrees we will open exterior doors at 8:30am
  • At 8:50 am all scholars must be in their seat in their Learning Community classroom
    • If your child arrives at school at 8:50am they will be marked tardy
  • At 3:50 pm scholars will be dismissed
    • Scholars MUST be off campus by 4:00pm as there will be no adult supervision thereafter**

This map will guide you on where to drop-off your child based on their grade as well as which doors they will enter.

**Families will be contacted by our DPS Safety & Security Officer if their child(ren) have been found to be on campus after 4:00pm so that we can brainstorm supports to ensure their after-school safety.

Supply List

Please click HERE to view our supply list. If your family is in a position to help donate any supplies, please call our front office to arrange a drop-off. If your family is facing financial hardships please email Mama Yeti so that we can provide your child a backpack full of these supplies.


All yellow bus requests or questions must go through DPS Transportation.  Please click below for their website link or call 720-423-4600 for assistance. Please note that DPS Transportation does not provide routing information to schools so you must call them directly to see if they have a stop near your house.

Click HERE to access their detailed instructions on eligibility and routing and how to navigate the exception request process.

Immunization Records

If you have updated copies of immunization records please bring them to walk -in registration. Or you can email a copy to bvoffice@dpsk12.org. If your child’s records are incomplete please expect a follow up from our school Nurse in late August.